Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Event 10: Stuck At Three

$350 + 50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em      

The final three are battling hard.

In a recent battle of the blinds, the pot was raised pre-flop and the flop came J 7 4 with two hearts. 

Ryan Wince (sb) checked.  Brian O'Donoghue fired 1 million, and Ryan let it go.

On he next orbit, Ryan opened for 260k from the small blind.  Brian called from the big.

On the flop of a 7 4 rainbow, both checked.  Turn was an 8 and Ryan bet 275k and Ryan called.

River was a Ten.  Ryan bet 405k and Brian folded.

Not much change in the counts. 

Brian - 7.4 million
Ryan - 4.6 million
Kenny Nguyen - 2.9 million

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