Saturday, September 8, 2012

Event 3: Roller Coaster Ride for Rail and Some Conflict at the Table

Nick Rail ends up in another big hand as a huge favorite holding AA vs. Henry Bumble of Manhattan's JJ.  Unfortunately for Rail, a J spiked on the flop and Rail got no help the rest of the way.  Bumble goes to nearly 200k with the win.

 Henry Bumble

Apparently Rail has been taking some serious beats but keeps pushing on as players at the table commented how Rail has been very unlucky all night.

Earlier, Bumble was involved in a dispute with another player who claimed when Bumble stood up after going all in that he was not allowed to stand.  The floor was called but Bumble chose to sit down to avoid the conflict before the floor arrived and a minor verbal altercation followed.

The same player then called the floor after this hand after a spectator near the table was commenting on his attempt to force Bumble to sit down demanding the spectator be moved away from the table.

It should get even more interesting as the night wears on.  

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