Friday, September 21, 2012

WPT BPO: Burnitz Leads Final Six

$3300 + $200 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship NLH

Burntiz Breaking Down the Final Table

High stakes cash game specialist Matthew Burnitz (Bear, DE) has the chip lead heading to the televised final table.

"This is my biggest (poker) accomplishment so far," said Burnitz who has 9 million in chips and is more than two million ahead of David Diaz (Bartlett, TN). "I'm very excited about this one. The field is extremely tough and the final table are all good players."

Burnitz took the lead late on Day 4 when he won a 5.2 million chip pot from Diaz with a flush while holding Q J.  "That was a big one," Burnitz said, "I had the second nuts and was going to go with it," he said when a fourth diamond came on the river and slowed down the action.

"I'm going to keep playing my game," Burntiz added, "I prefer to play a lot of small pots especially with the chip lead where you have leverage.  It's better than getting into big pots where you can lose your leverage very quickly."

The final six players are guaranteed $167,337 and are going after the first place prize of $818,847. The average stack is 5.9 million (49 BB) as play was stopped with blinds at 60k/120k/10k ante.

Play resumes with the WPT televised final table in the Event Center at 3:30 pm, where stadium seating is available to watch the action.

Postion-Name-Chip Count (in millions)

1. Matthew Burnitz (Bear, DE) 9
2. David Diaz (Bartlett, TN) 7.15
3. Steve Brecher  (Reno, NV) 5.755
4. Tyler Patterson (Everett, WA)  5.260
5. Ben Hamnett (Pittsburgh, PA) 4.72
6. Ofir Mor (Woodmere, NY) 3.6

Seat-Name-Chip Count (in millions)

1 Matthew Burnitz (Bear, DE) 9
2 Steve Brecher  (Reno, NV) 5.755
3 David Diaz (Bartlett, TN) 7.15
4 Ben Hamnett (Pittsburgh, PA) 4.72
5 Ofir Mor (Woodmere, NY) 3.6
6 Tyler Patterson (Everett, WA) 5.260

Remaining Prize Pool
  1. $818,847
  2. $488,850
  3. $298,950
  4. $250,065
  5. $206,821
  6. $167,337

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