Thursday, September 6, 2012

Event 1: Tough Break

 $500 + $60 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

(left) Unkown Player Pleads His Case, While Surapaneni (right) Waits

An unfortunate set of circumstances sends one player to the rail visibly upset.  

On a board of A 6 6♣ J, Satish Surapaneni (New York, NY) bets 30k and the anonymous player moves all in for 36k total. Surapaneni doesn't declare his intention, but tables A♠ Q♣, two pairs, aces & sixes with a queen kicker.

His opponent turns over A J for a higher two pairs.  

The dealer burn and turns, putting the 7 on the river, appearing to give the other player the winning hand.  But because Surapaneni never verbalized he was calling, the premature river means the hand isn't over and he can still fold or call.

After weighing his options, Surapaneni calls 6k to try and win a 100k pot knowing the 7 will go back in the deck and another river card will be revealed.  Premature action dictates this protocol and Surapaneni still has a chance to win the hand.

The new river card is the Q and the table erupts as Surapaneni hits a three-outer for a higher two pairs to eliminate his opponent.

After stating his case to multiple officials, the ruling stands and the player leaves angry and frustrated.

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