Friday, September 21, 2012

Event 26 Recap

$200 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Re-entry vs freeze out tournaments are often debated as to which is the better format.  This event's final table featured an argument for each side, but in the end it's A.J. Perrotta, Jr (Red Bank, NJ) who used three re-entries to win this Borgata Poker Open tournament.

Perrotta finished just ahead of the 2nd through 6th place finishers including, "Tom" (2nd), George Jannes (3rd), Jake Perry (4th), Stan Annis (5th), and Mehrez Overghi (6th).

"I ran kings into aces early," said Perrotta, who said he had better luck at other Borgata table games and returned to take multiple shots.  "I played loose in the re-entry period," he continued, "and aggressive with big hands after it closed."

Perrotta's second bustout was also while holding pocket kings, and after a third elimination and fourth entry, he caught a break.  "I doubled-up on the first hand after it (re-entry) closed with a set of nines," he said, which helped propel him to the victory, the Borgata trophy and the the $15,538 top prize.

Jannes only used one bullet in reaching third place and is against the re-entry format, preferring players get only a single chance to win a tournament.  "I prefer freeze outs," he said. "I guess it's good to get dead money into the pool, but people play different with re-entry."

The pivotal hand at the final table also featured pocket kings, but this time Perrotta got revenge.  He cracked Don Brown's KK with A♣ 10♣ to knock Brown out in 7th place and gave Perrotta a commanding chip lead and set the stage for him to run the table.

The field featured 286 entries and $57,200 in total buy-ins. Four former Borgata trophy winners made the money including three-time winner Howard Wolper (9th) and Event 3 winner of this series Chris Grove (8th), who both made the final table.

Just missing the final table were former winners Pete Mavro (13th) and Jennifer Sherwood (11th), while Borgata Leaderboard Promotion contender Mike Holm (26th) added to his series point total.  Holm is currently second in the standings and trying to win himself a $2,700 seat in the Borgata Fall Poker Open.

Perrotta is a retired Wall St. executive who clealy likes the idea of second, third and even fourth chances.

Final Table Results
1st A.J. Perrotta, Jr. (Red Bank, NJ)  $15,538
2nd "Tom" $9,157
3rd George Jannes (Astoria, NY) $5,271
4th Jake Perry (Branchville, NJ) $4,272
5th Stan Annis (Bloxom, VA) $3,329
6th Mehrez Overghi (Wheaton, MD) $2,774
7th Don Brown (Westbury, NY) $2,219
8th Chris Grove (Brooklyn Park, MD) $1,665
9th Howard Wolper (Atlantic City, NJ) $1,110
10th Joey Avallone (Newark, DE) $721

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