Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Event 13 Recap

Event 13 - $350+50 Seniors (50+) No Limit Hold 'Em

A crazy late night run of cards and a WSOP Main Event Final Table player couldn't stop Bobby Cooper (Las Vegas, NV) from claiming his first major title in Event 13.

Facing an eclectic group of players including Al Krux (Syracuse, NY), Bobby Cooper survived an incredible roller coaster ride and found cards at the right time to steal the victory.  With seven player remaining, Cooper pulled out a win holding A9 vs. AK and set the pace for what would be a whirlwind of eliminations and mind-boggling hands throughout the rest of the tournament.

Once Larry Gabrielov (Virginia Beach, VA) was eliminated in 7th after making a call with second pair against Billy Eitze's top pair, the flood gates opened.  Joe Bridnisi (Doylestown, PA) appeared to have taken control of the table hitting two three-outers to knock Tony Palladino (Franklin Lakes, NJ) and Scott Conner (Pittsburgh, PA).

Once Bill Eitze (Ellicott City, MD) had taken out Paul Aviloa (Westbury, MA) in 4th, Cooper came from far behind in the chip count to take command of the table.  Cooper hit a miracle 7 on the river against Eitze to cripple him and get back into the three-handed battle.  Cooper then left Joe Bridnisi on life support packing pocket queens against Bridnisi's 4's and put the tournament away.

The patient Cooper ended up with the victory and $22,530.

Final Table Results
1- Bobby Cooper (Las Vegas, NV) - $22,530
2 - Joe Bridnisi (Doylestown, PA) - $13,276
3 - Bill Eitze (Ellicott City, MD) - $7,644
4 - Paul Aviloa (Westbury, MA) - $6,196
5 - Scott Conner (Pittsburgh, PA) -$4,828
6 - Tony Palladino (Franklin Lakes, NJ) - $4,023
7 - Larry Gabrielov (Virginia Beach, VA) - $3,218
8 - Al Krux (Syracuse, NY) - $2,414
9 - Richard Caplan (Fairhaven, NJ) - $1,609
10 - Pete Mylenki (Absecon, NJ) - $1,046

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