Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Event 14: "Slow Roll Scooper-Duper"

With late night play comes late night hilarity.

Josh Pender and Alan Campbell ended up in a blind vs. blind hand and it was ugly.

With only one bet into the hand, Campbell turned over Q274 missing the board but having a chance at a low.

Pender, thinking he had probably lost the hand, took his time to flip it over and showed 63QT.  After realized he'd paired his 6 and also won the low with his 6-3, Pender exclaimed "Scooper Duper!" as people around the table jokingly called out his accidental slow roll.

Play continues with 21 to go and looking for 18 left to end it for the night.  Ylon Schwartz and "Miami" John Cernuto still remain in the field. 

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