Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Event 13: Two Specatular Hands Turn the Tide

$350+50 Senior (50+) No Limit Hold Em (Re-entry)

It seemed like Joe Brindisi had this event well under control.  But then a tidal wave with Bobby Cooper's (Las Vegas, NV) name on it struck the table.

First, Bobby locked up with Bill Eitze.  On a flop of 5KA, both players checked.  A seven on the turn brought the decisive action.  Eitze bet out and Cooper went over the top with an all-in bet.  Eitze snap-called and turned over K4 - top pair - against Cooper's 3-7.  But a miracle 7 hit the river and Cooper doubled up.

Then Cooper caught Brindisi going all-in with 4's while Cooper held QQ.  Cooper hit a Q on the flop to seal the deal and jumped to over 2 million in chips and dominated the table.

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