Saturday, September 22, 2012

Event 27: Shul Busts Wedra & Triples Up

$170 + 30 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em Re-Entry

We pick up a three-way all in after the flop of 38 8♣:

John Shul (Morris Planes, NJ) is at risk for 292k and has 8♠ 6♠, trip 8s

Angelo Wedra (Palisades Park, NJ) is also at risk in a side pot for another 145k with Q Q♣

Daryl Boatwright (Deptford, NJ) has both players covered and has 3 3♠ for a full house

"Come on baby, hold up," says Boatwright, who's looking for the double knockout, and with that the 6♣ peels off to give Shul a higher full house.  The 10♠ on the river changes nothing and Shul gets the triple up and now has more than 900k.

Boatwright loses ~150k on the hand as Wedra finishes in 12th place for $684.

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