Thursday, September 20, 2012

WPT BPO: Williams Scoops A Nice One

$3,300 + 200 WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship NLH

As we walked over to Table 1, the action was already on the turn.  On a board of Jc 2c 2s 3s, Jeffrey Williams had checked to Jeremy Brown.  Brown bet out 330,000 and after some thought Williams called him.  The river came the Kd and once again Williams checked to Brown, waiting for his action.  Brown cut out 550,000 and Williams was really in the tank.  Williams decided to call, and Brown tapped the table saying, "Nice call."  Jeffrey Williams showed Qh Jd for the win, and would chip up to 4,900,000.  Jeremy Brown is now down to 2,300,000.

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