Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Event 10: "Just Don't Be A Heart"

$350 + 50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em

Ken Silverstein (Edison, NJ)

Ken Silverstein (Edison, NJ) was in the big blind, and the last player who could call an all-in from a player on the hi-jack.  He announced a call, and his opponent tabled A A.  Ken said with a smile that he couldn't beat that as he showed his J J.  His opponent said to him, "The way I'm running today you will, probably a jack right in the window."  Well it wasn't a jack that would hurt him, but before the river the board looked like 3h 7h 8c 5h.  And that's where his opponent said, "Just don't be a heart."  To his dismay the 2h peeled off on the river, and Silverstein managed to win the pot.  He now sits will just under 500k.

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