Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Event 13: Bubbles Bursting Everywhere

$350 + 50 Seniors (50+) No Limit Hold'em

There were a handful of players looking at each other saying, "We're still on the bubble?"  It may of felt like it was taking a long time, but we have finally burst this events money bubble.  With the flop already out (9s Jh Jc), Scott Conner (Pittsburgh, PA) declared himself all in for about 70,000.  There was a player already all-in, so there was a player left to a decision.  He thought for a while and showed two queens after folding.  Scott flipped over 6 6, and was up against the A K of the bubble boy.  He wouldn't be our bubble boy if he caught up on the turn or river, and everyone remaining has assured themselves at least $734.

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