Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bagged and Tagged!

Event 1 - $500 + $60 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em

Play has ended for the night for Event 1, and the remaining 33 players will be back at it again at 1pm tomorrow, when the blinds will be at 60k/120k with a 20k ante.  The average chip count is just about 2.8 million, if my limited math skills serve me correctly.  

Our chip leader at the end of the night is Gary Ackerman (Collegeville, PA) with 9.5 million.  Maksim Rozenfeld (NY, NY) has the second biggest stack with 6.765 million in chips.

The complete chip counts and seating assignments will be posted tomorrow morning, but here's a sampling of some other notable chip stacks to whet your appetite:

Niazi Ozair (Dover, NJ) - 6.1 million
Alex Rapoport    -  6 million
Hobart Adkins (Ona, WV) -   5.6 million
Barry Leventhal (Brooklyn, NY)  - 4.7 million
Wendy Freedman (Las Vegas, NV) - 4.565 million
Benny Bianco (Franklin Square, NY)   -  4.5 million
Kazu Oshima (Temecula, CA)  - 3.365 million
Sal Esposito (Blue Point, NY) -  2.245 million

Join us at 1pm when 33 players will be clawing and scratching their way to the $309,196 grand prize that awaits the champion of the 1st event of the 2012 Borgata Poker Open.  Until tomorrow, poker fanatics...

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  1. Brian Pemberton's stack please...Greensboro, NC player...please and thanks


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