Saturday, September 8, 2012

Event 3: Two More Eliminated

Rex Clinkscales was eliminated in 24th Place (1,145) in a 250k pot.  Clinkscales had re-raised the player to his right only to see Joe Opie of Fairhaven, NJ go over all-in over Clinkscales bet.  Rex took his time, shook his head and made the call.  Opie confidently flipped over his pair of kings while Clinkscales showed pocket 10's.

A board of 5-5-4-J-3 was no help to Clinkscales and he was eliminated in 24th.

John Miller was eliminated in 25th place and the players thought their day was over but one more player objected to stopping so play continues on.

Update:  Three more players have been eliminated and the field is now down to 21.

John Opie

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