Saturday, September 8, 2012

Event 2: 12th - Bueti; 11th - Winkelvoss

$350 + $50 HORSE            

Playing 10k/20k Stud H/L:

Antonio Bueti, who began the day as chip leader, tangled with Matthew Stevens.  By the river, Matthew had Kings-up and Antonio had nothing but a busted low draw.

Antonio Bueti (Mt. Kisco, NY)
12th Place - $1,107

Limits went up to 12k/24k.

Playing Hold'em:

Ron Winkelvoss got his last chips in holding AK against Edward McGahan's pocket Jacks.  The pair held and Edward chipped up to ~340k.

Ron Winkelvoss (Rose Valley, PA)
11th Place - $1,107

Ten players remain.  Average is 244k.

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