Friday, September 7, 2012

Event 1: Chip Leader Takes a Small Hit

Event 1 - $500 + $60 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em

Players just came back from break not too long ago, and our chip leader in event 1 is Hobart Adkins (Ona, WV) with approx. 4.3 mill.  Shortly after the break I caught the aftermath of a hand and this is how the cards looked when they were tabled:

Ozzie Niazi (Dover, NJ) 99♣
Ed Lam (NY, NY) A♣10♣
Hobart Adkins (Ona, WV) AQ♠

It was a 3-way all-in, and the board ran out 9K6♣JA♠.  Niazi triples up to about 1.7 million.  Adkins takes a small hit, and Ed Lam finishes in 95th place.

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