Friday, September 7, 2012

Event 4: Muncus Busts McAlister

$400 + $50 Seven Card Stud     

The Stud players returned to level 11 with limits of 800/1,600.

Starting with this level, they will be 40 minutes for the remainder of the event.

In early action, Jeffrey McAlister (Corpus Christi, TX) was all-in on third with a pair of 5s.

Marty Muncus (Lewisville, NC) had him covered and smothered with a pair of 9s.

Marty Muncus

The cards ran out and Marty improved to two pair while Jeffrey failed to improve his hand.  He was busted in 33rd place.

Marty is now the chip leader with almost 50k.  Rathe Miller (Philadelphia, PA) is up to ~40k, good for second.

Several players are bunched up in the 30k-range, including Allyn Marshall & Rogerio Sousa (Durham, NC).

Table 5 was broken and now 32 players remain at four tables.  Average is 18k.

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